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Law Office of Christopher E. Ward LLC
Law Office of Christopher E. Ward LLC




"Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community."


"Mr. Ward is a highly respected attorney within the community. His work ethic and skills are evident in everything that he does."


"Chris is a fantastic attorney and I recommend his services for any legal issue."


"Chris really cares about doing a good job at a reasonable price for his clients. He knows what he's doing and becomes immediately invested in working through tough issues. His trustworthiness and dedication are beyond reproach."


"Chris knows how to protect his client's rights and is an excellent lawyer."


"I recommend Chris Ward, with confidence. Chris Ward took my case to court, defended me brilliantly and secured a successful ruling from the judge. What impressed me, throughout the time I retained Chris' service, was that he connected well with my case, in terms of details, understanding, and focus. I was equaly impressed with his professional approach: his timely response to calls I made to him, response to emails, and willingness to answer my many questions. I am happy I met and hired Chris. Please allow me to recommend him to you."


"I endorse Christopher. Highly respected in the legal community with a strong reputation for client advocacy and dedication."


"This is the attorney you want on your side for Family, Immigration, and Criminal Defense in your area."


"I endorse this lawyer. A highly skilled and respected lawyer in the legal community."


"Chris Ward is the best immigration lawyer in Georgia. I have contacted 3 immigration lawyers and attorney Chris Ward is the best. He answers all my questions even it's late, just to make sure I have my question answered. He is very knowledgeable and comfortable to talk about my case. I will definitely recommend or hire him if I need any legal issues in the future."


"I found Christopher online, that I was in need of Attorney. His price was fare and doing his Job professionally, seriously, faithfully, and on time. I hired him again the second time to do another phase of my project. I recommend him for finds."


"He is a blessing in my life!"


"Thank you so much for what you have so graciously given to my son and my entire family. It has long been my belief that the world is populated with gentle, kind, generous people, on the whole. Thank you for what you have done and an act to be eulated. Your presence and assistance really made a difference. I appreciate your help."


"In recent days, I have had some lovely conversations with my sister about what you have so graciously given to our entire family. It has long been my belief that the world is polulated with gentle, kind, and generous people. Thank you for what you have done and an act to be emulated."


"Mr. Ward was patient, answered all my questions, told me of my options, and worked hard toward what I wanted and needed. The most important thing is he helped me to feel safe and calm throughout each state of my divorce. I thought it was a difficult divorce, my ex wanted to fight over everything. It didn't bother Mr. Ward and gave me the courage to stand up for myself."


"I have been working with Mr. Ward since October of 2018. While my divorce should have been concluded by now, the other party has done everything they can to delay my desire to obtain this divorce. She hired and fired 5 attorneys and is currently looking for number 6. Christopher has been successful in having two TPO's removed, having my spouse permanently removed from our home, and giving me the ability to retain enough income to live until this can be settled. He has positioned me to be successful in obtaining a fair and equitable divorce. His knowledge and guidance throughout the process has been a life saver. His rates are extremely reasonable and he has made this extremely difficult process easier to manage and live through."




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