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Law Office of Christopher E. Ward LLC
Law Office of Christopher E. Ward LLC


Legal Fees





We accept cash, check, money order, and most major credit cards. Depending on the type of case and paid retainer, payment plans may be available.




In all cases, a retainer will be required. A retainer is the initial payment for our legal services. The amount of the retainer varies depending on the type of case, your history with our firm, and the expected overall cost of our legal services.




For all immigration cases, a consultation and case evaluation fee will be charged payable at the time of the consultation. All further immigration legal services are charged at a fixed fee. A fixed fee is a charge that does not vary with the amount of time required to complete the service. The fixed fee amount is dependent on the amount of time involved, the degree of difficulty, and the type of case.




Our legal fees for most Family Law and Litigation cases are charged on an hourly rate basis. An uncontested divorce is an example of a Family Law case that is charged on a fixed fee basis versus an hourly basis. During our initial meeting I will discuss the expected time required to resolve your case, any anticipated difficulties, and the overall complexity of the legal issues involved in your particular case.




Our legal fees for Criminal Law and Litigation cases are dependent on the type of case and the degree of difficulty of the issues involved. Certain misdemeanor cases such as driving with a suspended license, probation revocation hearings, possession less than 1 oz. of marijuana, and shoplifting are charged on a fixed fee basis. Felonies are charged on an hourly basis.




We will discuss the varying ways of keeping your legal cost within a reasonable and manageable level. Initially, you should gather all your information in a logical order, prepare a written statement of your legal problem, make copies of everything with the intent of leaving the copies or originals with your attorney, and communicate with your attorney using e-mail when possible.


PLEASE NOTE: Immigration Law is Federal Law. Although immigration Law can be, and is, interpreted differently in the differing federal circuits, the law is the same across the country. The immigration court is administrative in nature, the BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) is administrative in nature, and USCIS is a department of Homeland Security. Call us! We can represent you regardless what State you live in and regardless in what country you live.





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