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Law Office of Christopher E. Ward LLC
Law Office of Christopher E. Ward LLC



C. E. Ward and Associates advocate for social justice, equality, and equity. We find remedies to solve legal issues taking account of equality and equity. We believe that all people are equal before the law established by the constitution. Regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, age, language, culture, disability, family configuration, etc., everyone has legal rights justified upon common law and statues.


C. E. Ward and Associates believe in the law of individuality. All people are unique and understood to have differences and sameness at the same time. We deliberate what causes conflicts among people focusing on diverse perspectives of the people. We take into account the importance of specific situations and conditions of a particular case beyond the strict application of the law. We look for what is fair for diverse individuals.


C. E. Ward and Associates believe in diversity and multicultural education to develop respectful communities with people from diverse personal and cultural backgrounds. We believe in the importance of examining one’s own values, beliefs, attitudes, and norms to interact with people using a culturally sensitive lens. We challenge diversity and multicultural issues to make meaningful changes within society by supporting and committing efforts for social justice, equality, and equity.


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